Object Discovery Corporation

Discover how objects can turn problems into elegant, reusable solutions...

...with training, mentoring, and consulting in object-oriented (OO) technologies and business process modeling offered by Object Discovery Corporation for software engineers, project managers, and business analysts.

Training Programs

Our Object Discovery Training ProgramsSM; provide professional and user friendly training in object-oriented modeling and programming for technology leaders, project leaders, analysts, and programmers to master object-oriented technologies.

We offer training programs through:

All training courses are taught by our skilled instructors.

Consulting and Mentoring

Object Discovery Corporation's Object Discovery Consulting and Mentoring ProgramsSM provide expert guidance and complete service for object-oriented projects. Our consultants work with you to develop a clear, concise, and complete solution for your problem domain, using state-of-the-art Object Technologies. With our Mentoring Program, your own business analysts and/or programmers will receive expert guidance from our experienced object experts. With our Consulting Program, our specialists will work directly with your domain experts and development team to bring about the solutions you need.

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