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Peter Just has been associated part-time with Object Discovery Corporation since the beginning. He brings over 13 years of professional experience in designing and developing software systems in the telecommunication industry, human resource applications, computer graphics and systems programming.

He has also served as an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department of M.U.M. developing and teaching advanced graduate courses in the areas of Object Oriented Programming, Distributed Computing and Database Management Systems.

Peter is engaged in developing, co-authoring and teaching corporate and public training courses in the areas of Object Oriented Analysis & Design (OOAD), Object Oriented Programming with Java, C# and C++, and Distributed Enterprise Architectures with J2EE.

He has worked on consulting projects for Object Discovery's corporate clients, assisting them in their analysis & design efforts of their enterprise systems and mentoring their development teams in OOAD & OOP as well as defining their optimal enterprise architecture.

Peter has also been extensively involved in managing software development teams and performing project management on larger scale enterprise systems.

He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and an M.S. in Computer Science.

A Few Recent Testimonials

"Peter is an expert instructor, and taught the class very well. He made an excellent delivery of the concepts in plain English."
Daniel Sherman
Project Manager ISEE
"Peter is very knowledgeable and able to field questions well. He seems to know his stuff inside and out."
Larry R.
Lincoln Financial
"I've been most impressed with the quality of Peter's instruction. He had both good knowledge and a good sense of humor."
Johann C.
Shell Canada Limited
"Peter demonstrated extensive knowledge and ability to explain all the concepts. His understanding of the topics and providing examples of how we would use it was impressive. I grew in my ability to link the class diagrams with the Java code and constructing a good code."
Pam K.
Lincoln Financial
"Peter's knowledge of OOD and its implementation in C++ was complete. The amount of information he covered (and that I understood) in 5 days was impressive."
Tony B.
"Peter had knowledge of the material, and the ability to present it. The lectures were excellent."
Cory D.
Lincoln Financial
"Peter was able to communicate the course material in an easy to understand way. There was a great amount of useful information presented."
Luke D.
Group 1 Software
"Peter is very experienced with Object Oriented Programming and this came across in his great real-world examples that he used in class."
Nagesh N.
Citrix Systems Inc.
"I thought Peter had good presentation skills, and good knowledge of the subject matter."
Joe R.
Lincoln Financial
"I found the pace of Peter's teaching perfect. The exercises were right on target."
Michael K.
Western Area Power Administration
"I thought Peter was very knowledgeable. He could easily elaborate on complicated ideas. I've learned how to implement a Domain Model."
Bob C.
Lincoln Financial
"Peter had great course knowledge, ability to answer questions, and the ability to estimate student comprehension."
Scott B.
Robotic Systems Integration
"Peter was very knowledgable about the subject matter and presented the material well."
Edward M.
Lincoln Financial
"Peter understands C++ very well and can explain the concepts in detail. He did an excellent job of teaching us."
Bill G.
"Peter did a good job explaining and teaching one-on-one. Most of the exercises were overwhelming to me, it helped to have him check and see if I was on the right track (or not). It was good that we had labs at the end of each topic; we had enough time to practice a topic before going on to the next one."
Michelle K.
WE Energies
"Peter had real world experience and not just academic. I can't stand when instructors use the lazy foo{} class. Peter always used legitimate and proper examples."
Jeffrey Z.
WE Energies
"Lectures and labs worked well together. Lab work helped display the ideas from the lecture. Peter's strength is his knowledge of the topic and his ability to convey that knowledge to different levels of complexity. I needed him to give me more direction than others needed and he was able to adapt very well to that need. I took away a much better understanding of object-oriented design from this course. I think it will take me a while to get used to the syntax but I really feel more confident in the design concepts."
Michelle K.
WE Energies
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