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Our Company

Mission Statement

We provide IT professionals with top-quality and cost-effective education and consulting in disciplines related to object-oriented technologies.

For training, we believe in hands-on, interactive and instructor-led classes. A good course is one where students feel they've learned way beyond their original expectations and can accomplish much more than they had hoped.

For consulting, our services must not only solve our customers' immediate problems but also bring them new skills, confidence and self-sufficiency.

In many years of teaching and consulting we've met with extremely bright individuals and powerful organizations. It's a delight to be contributing to their success.

Company History

This company started in the mid-90's. It came out of an urgent need in the workplace for more professionals qualified to work on projects being built with object-oriented technologies. Since these people were hard to find, we decided to "create" them. Our initial strategy was to train analysts and developers for a few days and then incorporate them into our own development team. This taught us how to develop effective professional training programs. From that firm basis, many opportunities came to us. We decided to open our consulting and training services to the public. So far, most projects have come to us from the USA and Canada, but some have also come to us from as far as India, Israel and Indonesia. At this point, we have now helped more than 130 corporations and taught about 1,500 students working on object-oriented projects.

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