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Francis G. Mossé, President

Francis Mossé founded this company (under the former name of "High-Tech Systems, Inc.") in 1995 with the goal of helping corporations adopt object-oriented technologies. Although object technologies are widely recognized as a significant advance in software development, many corporations have found the transition to this paradigm difficult. To meet this challenge, Mossé developed the series of Object Discovery© courses.

These courses provide the necessary theoretical understanding and practical experience to master Object-Oriented Technologies. In 1999, in recognition of the company's expertise with Object Oriented Technologies, the name of the company was changed to Object Discovery Corporation.

At Object Discovery Corporation, Mossé has assisted many organizations--from small businesses to major corporations-- in the successful application of Object Technologies through training, mentoring, and consulting services. His services have been very well received by all clients, including: Telegroup, Arbitron, The Mitre Institute, 3M, Freddie Mac, Deluxe, Norwest Bank, Platinum, Tandem, Gateway, Health Systems Integration, Cabletron, Quintessent Communications, Inc., Greenheck, Ericsson, US Bank, SuperValu, Kemper Insurance, CNA, Reliance Insurance, Lincoln National, Chevron, Inland Paperboard and Packaging, Chase Manhattan, Cummins Engines, GreenTree, Williams Communications, the IRS, Ottuwa's House of Commons, Saskatchewan Government Insurance, Razorfish, City of Detroit, Ultimate Software, Lockheed Martin, Motorola Mobility, US Navy (China Lake), Thales (Irvine, CA, USA and Ottawa, Canada), and many more.

Here are a few of Mossé's key activities while setting-up Object Discovery Corporation:

  • Co-authored and taught "Object-Oriented Business Process Modeling and Reengineering", based on object modeling and a proprietary formal notation for business process mapping.
  • Used the above "Object-Oriented Business Process Modeling and Reengineering" technology and lead the entire analysis effort of a large customer billing and management project at the City of Detroit (Water and Sewerage Department). That department has a staff of about 1500, including close to 240 administratives.
  • Co-authored the "Object-Oriented Programming using Java" course and taught it very successfully to several corporations including West Bank, Retek and SuperValu.
  • Authored the "Java and JDBC for Beginners" course, taught it several times and obtained great reviews.
  • Authored a course on "Object-Oriented Analysis & Design using the Unified Modeling Language" and taught it about 120 times to both large and small corporations.
  • Authored "Professional C++" and taught it to many C++ developers and corporations.
  • Co-Authored "Advanced Design Patterns" and has been teaching it since 2003.
  • Provided mentoring and consulting services for mission-critical projects to several organizations related to Business-to-Business Services as well Government-related development teams.
  • Co-authored the "Object Discovery Java/J2EE Career Path". That series of 9 courses teaches the whole spectrum of Java/J2EE disciplines: Analysis, Programming, Design, Patterns, Architecture, Frameworks.
  • Authored and taught "A Professional Rules Engine Framework", an advanced Design Patterns topic. This framework offers run-time specification of applications behavior. Students learn how to model, use and expand the Rules Engine, when to use it and why they don't need to buy one.
  • Co-Authored and taught "Business Tier Design Patterns and Frameworks", an Architecture advanced Design Patterns topic. This series of chapters shows professional developers how to make their Application Domains persistent and integrated with the overall Business Tier architecture.

Prior to founding Object Discovery Corporation and creating the very popular Object Discovery© courses, Mossé had many years experience applying OO techniques as a systems analyst, project manager, and senior software engineer, at Corporate Education Resources, Vital Images, HRSoft, and IBM.

Mossé holds an MS in Computer Science, a BS in Electronic Engineering, and has credentials in Business Process Modeling & Reengineering.

Mossé can be reached here.

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