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Java EE Domain Implementation and Integration Training

  • Master OO Persistence Technologies
  • Learn how to use OO databases and Object Relational mappers

Course Goals

  • Learn how to implement and persist object domains
  • Understand General OO Persistence Principles
  • Implement simple object persistence with the db4o framework / library
  • Learn how to use the Java Data Objects (JDO) Interface with the Industrial Strength Versant Object Database
  • Learn about Object-Relational Mapping and apply JDO Interface knowledge with the JPOX O/R Mapper
  • Implement annotation based mapping with EJB3-JPA, and use either the EntityManager or Hibernate runtime Interface
  • Understand the Java EE Container Architecture and what services it provides
  • Learn about the Spring Framework and what it aims to achieve


This 5-day instructor-led training course will give you in-depth knowledge of Object Oriented Persistence and will familiarize you with the Java EE technologies that use it. You will learn about basic OO Persistence Principles in the context small and large domains. Both native OO databases as well as Object Relational Mapping Technologies are covered in depth. The course covers Object Relational Mapping both in its traditional XML file based form as well as through Java 5 annotations (JPA), giving you a full spectrum view to solve even the hardest of OO Persistence problems. The course ends by connecting domain persistence/integration knowledge back into the greater Java EE picture by giving a thorough overview of the EJB3 architecture and an introduction to the Spring Framework

Outline: Click here for course strategy and outline.


This course is designed to meet the needs of …

  • Developers designing and implementing enterprise applications


  • Students should have experience with Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and the Java programming language.
  • Some knowledge of XML would also be helpful, but is not required.

Teaching Process

A powerful learning cycle process is used repeatedly, first to integrate basic concepts, and then to reuse those concepts to master more advanced topics. Practical exercises will be performed to take the learned knowledge to the level of practical application. Detailed discussions will thoroughly deepen the understanding on which options are available at each step in the design process and which one to choose for a given situation and requirements.

Course Format

This is a hands-on course. We apply a powerful learning cycle of short lecture, examples and labs on each topic. Each student gets lab code, the entire course content printed out (organized in a ring binder) as well as laminated reference sheets, when applicable.

Course Duration

Five days, 8:30 AM-4:15 PM; typically ends by 2:30 PM on Friday.


$2,600 / person. Group discounts available. Large discounts for On-site Training with 8 students or more.

Financial Aid

Get training funds from your state. see details

Course Details

Course Schedule and Location

  • Java EE Domain Implementation and Integration On-site training - We come to your company to train your employees.
  • Java EE Domain Implementation and Integration Public classes - You attend one of our courses offered in different cities.
  • Java EE Domain Implementation and Integration Distance Learning - Learn straight from our instructors without leaving your office or home.

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