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UML Consulting to model and implement your business concepts

Proper UML classes or objects and their relationships are the ideal embodiment of your own business concepts. Our specialty is building models that perfectly express your business, no matter how complex that business is.

The power of object technologies lies in modeling human concepts. If a model properly captures the human concepts, then the resulting system's power and flexibility will approach that of the human mind.

Good analysis requires enthusiasm, crystal-clear understanding, easy yet powerful and rigorous methodology, a willingness to meet any challenge, deep insight into modeling business concepts, and great rigor in implementing them.

Many schools of thought suggest using OOAD & UML tools according to a strict sequence. But an analyst never knows how things will come. They usually come in a random sequence. An analyst is supposed to transform that into perfect order.

A good analyst has the flexibility to switch to whatever tool is most appropriate. He or she can then capture and maybe even come to closure on any piece of information at the very time it shows up. He or she takes whatever comes and immediately filters and translates it into one or many of the main artifacts: Business Process Maps, Business Synopsys, Use Cases, Glossary of Terms, UML Class Diagram, UML Object Diagrams, UML Object Collaboration and UML Sequence Diagrams, Object Model Description, and User Interface Prototypes.

The essence of Object-Oriented Analysis is in modeling human concepts with classes, their relationships, and their instances, or objects. The correlation between your business experts' thinking and these models is the key.

This is our main emphasis: the proper modeling of business or engineering concepts. All solutions naturally emerge from that type of modeling.

"I was very impressed with the expertise of Object Discovery Corporation's analysts. Our business is a complex one and frankly, we were a bit overwhelmed when we tried to do the OO analysis ourselves. These guys grasped our situation immediately. There wasn't a single complication we threw at them that they didn't handle. We will be using Object Discovery Corporation's mentoring and consulting services in the future, and I encourage others to do the same."
Jeff C.
Summit Benefit & Actuarial Services, Inc.
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