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Testimonials for OOBPR Training

"The details covered in the course highly relate to what we do in the real world. The instructor is very precise, has clear understanding of the fundamentals, very helpful and makes you feel comfortable during the whole course where interaction and communication become much easier and faster. I really like the instructor. I've got from the course what I needed."
Manvinder Bagga
Principal Business Analyst
"We learned how to create business concept models, something we never heard of before. This knowledge will be very useful at work. It will help us design an effective structure of our organization."
Linda Butet
Bank Indonesia
"OOBPR as taught by Object Discovery Corporation provides crystal clear answers to the question of where an organization is inefficient, and suggests practical steps to maximize the intelligent use of human and information technology resources for greatest efficiency and productivity."
N. Blair B.
Butterfield & Company International, Inc.
"I was impressed with the structure and flow of the course materials. Concepts were always reinforced with relevant examples and exercises. I received a solid ground in OO concepts and their application to business process modeling. I would definitely recommend this course to others."
Rick A.
AC Nielsen
"This makes so much sense. It's not just paperwork. The documents we learned to create actually show you your problems, and make it easier to solve them."
Connie C.
Process Engineer
Andersen Windows
"My overall rating of this course is excellent! The instructor had a lot of knowledge and experience."
Glenn P.
Project Manager
AC Nielsen
"A perfect starting point to bringing complete and cohesive modeling to a complex business problem."
Kevin R. C.
Systems Developer
Reliance Insurance
"I felt that the knowledge presented in this Business Process Reengineering course was very valuable and perfectly adapted to the complex organizational situations of our corporation. Even though I do not have an engineering background I found the modeling methodology easy to learn. I also felt that the case studies used during the course were great learning tools."
Pamela H.
Senior Business Analyst
Integrated Energy Solutions, Inc.
"The structure of the class (combination of lectures, solitary exercises, group, exercises) made learning very effective. Plus, the instructor had the rare combination of having both thorough knowledge of the material and great teaching skills. I would most certainly recommend this course to others!"
Laura P.
Technical Business Analyst
AC Nielsen
"I'm surprised by my ability to understand and use the modeling language after only 5 days and a few exercises."
Sue H.
Business Systems Architect
Reliance Insurance
"I found the real world examples in class very impressive. The instructor had deep knowledge of the subject matter, and demonstrated real expertise in teaching it. My overall rating of the course is excellent!"
Cesar A.
Technical Business Analyst
AC Nielsen
"I think the instructor was one of the most enjoyable instructors I have had while in a training class. The instructor was able to keep the class on track while at the same time keeping the class entertaining. The instructor definitely had substantial knowledge and experience!"
Peter P.
AC Nielsen
"The course was taught very well. The instructor taught with clarity, and was concerned with making sure that I understood everything. I particularly liked that all exercises were analyzed and solutions provided."
Christine K.
AC Nielsen
"I've been impressed with how our group was able to come together and begin agreeing on concepts and their relationships [while using UML]."
Pamela L. J.
System & Knowledge Engineer
Cummins Company
"The material was presented in an easy to grasp manner. The teacher was obviously very experienced! Lectures and explanations were clear and thorough."
Jerry M.
AC Nielsen
"The simplicity of the instruction, the power of the methodology, and the clarity of the instructor impressed me."
Savio L.
Project Manager
KSM Associates, Inc.
"I found the instructor knowledgeable and very interesting. We covered as much material as I expected. This course will help our department to better support our customers."
Debra H.
Project Manager
AC Nielsen
"I have attended many training courses where either the instructor excelled in communications or in the knowledge of the subject matter. It's rare to find an individual who can convey abstraction in a useful and meaningful way, but Francis excelled in both! This course has given me just what I was looking for: a way to communicate the ideas of our domain specialists to the members of the development team."
Tim L.
Systems Analyst
Convergys (formerly at Cincinnati Bell Information Systems)
"The instructor's main strength was the clarity in the delivery of the information. There was a mass amount of information being presented, and it would have been easy to get lost. However, the instructor kept it interesting and very enlightening. The instructor was most definitely was successful in imparting the knowledge to me!"
Deb S.
AC Nielsen
"The UML Analysis ties together BPM and Object Modeling in a way that communicates both to the business and technical communities."
Heldi M.
Business Systems Analyst
Reliance Insurance
"I'm impressed to see how UML fits the modeling of business concepts. The instructor makes all aspects easy to understand and provides a basis for applying the method. This course gives me the courage to continue; it shows me there is a method and process we can use that is standard to everyone at all levels."
Diane R.
BPR Manager
Greenheck, WI
"I learned to use tools that gave me the ability to distill a complex process to elementary/basic components, quickly."
Bruce S.
Business Consultant
Reliance Insurance
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