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Testimonials for OO Design and Patterns Training (OOD)

"This was an excellent course. I had a few courses in my life that were extremely valuable. This is at the top of my list for my software design skills."
Steve Shier
Third Millennium Software
"The instructor was outstanding. He provided the class with organized, useful training materials and answered all questions from our students. Good time management."
Daniel Law
Analyst / Programmer Application Promoter
Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne
"I learned lots of new concepts, and the lab materials will be a great reference."
Cindy S.
Application Developer
Lincoln Financial
"The course gave exposure to a broad array of design patterns, and how OO principles are at the core of them. The instructor communicated well and welcomed questions from all students."
Jeff Schwartzmann
Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne
"Lectures were mostly clear and easy to follow. Exercises were appropriate and did a good job of reinforcing the material. I got a good exposure to the basic principles of UML modeling."
Ryan B.
Software Engineer
"The instructor had knowledge of the material, and the ability to present it. The lectures were excellent. I was very impressed with how the different patterns were presented and how they built on each other and how implementing one pattern over another simplified the code."
Cory D.
Systems Analyst
Lincoln Financial Group
"The instructor's ability to convey information clearly was impressing, aiding the students understand the course materials."
Catherine Vu
Principle Software Engineer
Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne
"In this course I've discovered how to model almost any problem using an object-oriented approach. The instructor possesses very thorough understanding of C++ and the ability to pass it on. It was kind of a refresher course on my understanding of C++ and its use in object-oriented programming."
Barry N.
Software Engineer
Varian, Inc.
"The instructor was very knowledgeable and able to field questions well. He seemed to know his stuff inside and out."
Larry R.
Lincoln Financial Group
"The course was excellent in its organization and the presentation of the material. The instructor clearly explained the concepts and how to apply them."
Allen Leung
Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne
"I got better understanding of classes, relationships, and programming in C#. I'm relatively new to C# and spend most of my time managing rather than programming these days, so it was very helpful to me."
David R.
Varian, Inc.
"The instructor's patience, ability to communicate, and tempo were excellent. His knowledge of the tools, the subject matter, and delivery methods was impressive. I was able to both discuss uncertainties that I had and then implement the concepts taught. The method for implementing the Distant Learning course was quite good. Despite not being collocated with the instructor, I found myself very comfortable with the delivery of instruction."
Miguel G.
Verification and Testing
LM Aero
"The instructor went into great depth and has a vast knowledge of the subject matter. Also he was able to defend his assertions against people who questioned various aspects of the course."
David J.
"The lecture and labs were expertly presented. The instructor had great experience in the course material and presented it clearly. This class helped me think in a more object-oriented way so that I can write easily extensible code."
Kevin S.
Web Programmer
Citrix Systems
"In this course, I've been most impressed with the examples of the different Design Patterns. I was able to see how these patterns are implemented."
Ron M.
Senior Principal Engineer
"The instructor was knowledgeable on the subject and very easy to follow. The course labs were very helpful for understanding the course material. The course made me understand Object Designs and how to apply them."
Maggie Zhang
Citrix Systems
"Link management was covered very deeply and this is an area where I did not know I needed so much help. The course focused in on areas I didn't expect it to but was very happy it did. I enjoyed the instructor's humor, ability to keep me interested, and his broad subject knowledge. I attained a solid ground to revisit the Design Pattern books I already read but didn't quite learn. Now I am ready to attack them again with the goal of mastering the material (very ambitious, I know!)"
David M.
Software Developer
Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co. LLC
"I thought the instructor had good presentation skills, and good knowledge of the subject matter. The course materials were great. "
Joe R.
Lincoln Financial Group
"I found the instructor very knowledgeable. He could easily elaborate on complicated ideas. I've learned how to implement a Domain Model."
Bob C.
Systems Analyst
Lincoln Financial Group
"The instructor was very knowledgable about the subject matter and presented it well. I have gained useful knowledge regarding translating domain models into application designs."
Edward M.
Systems Analyst
Lincoln Financial Group
"This course gave me structural knowledge of how to apply OOAD principles to building J2EE applications. The hands-on labs were laid out in a very coherent fashion to clearly implement the material being taught, focusing specifically on the concepts and not wasting time with unnecessary housekeeping code, by providing all of that ahead of time. The instructor had a good sense of humor and patience with the class and exhibited a broad range of technical awareness."
Tim H.
Web Software Architect
Lincoln Financial
"During the course I was most impressed with the knowledge of the instructor and the lab work. The instructor was knowledgeable in the OO design topic and presented it very well. I was able to learn some new concepts that I can now utilize at work."
Todd G.
Lincoln Financial
"I've been impressed with the depth and amount of information as well as with different OO patterns that can be used."
Brian H.
Senior Web Developer
Lincoln Financial
"I appreciated the great care the instructor took in explaining the details and the patience he had with all the students. I wish the course could have been longer!"
Frank S.
Application Developer
Lincoln Financial
"The teacher was very knowledgeable and had the ability to elaborate on complicated ideas. My main benefit I got from the class is gaining an idea of how to implement a Domain Model."
Bob C.
System Analyst
Lincoln Financial
"I have done UML modeling to a degree, but I was never clear about how to implement associations. I really benefited from the Links, and Link Management section."
Haydee I.
Technology Consultant
"In this course, I've been most impressed with the usefulness of some of the patterns that we've been taught. I can see where they can be deployed throughout our applications. The instructor demonstrated the ability to break down abstract concepts into easily understandable terms using concrete examples. I learned the ways for better design and analysis of our applications that should lead to better coding techniques."
Chris M.
Senior IT Applications Consultant
WE Energies
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