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Testimonials for Java EE Domain Implemenation and Integration Training

"This course has given me the knowledge to build the logic for bridging between the new object development and our legacy system. I was impressed with the instructor's knowledge of the subject matter."
Dan R.
Sr. IT Consultant
WE Energies
"I was impressed by the amount of information covered, and how easily some solutions are to implement. From this course I've learned how to make Java work with databases. This course has increased my interest in the subject matter."
Holly S.
IT Applications Consultant
WE Energies
"The instructor had great knowledge and communication skills. I've gotten a great overview of J2EE and OO coding."
Dennis K.
WE Energies
"I appreciated understanding that there are lots of ways to connect an object-oriented domain with a database, and that there is no one 'right' way. I enjoyed the exercises because they allowed the opportunity to try the concepts taught during the lecture. I found the instructors very knowledgeable about the subject matter. "
Joy B.
Senior IT Consultant
WE Energies
"I was impressed with the variety of the various tools/approaches available for handling object persistence. I thought the instructor was very knowledgeable. I now understand the options for understanding how object persistence can be handled based on the characteristics of the data store (pure object, object-based relational, other relational)."
Tim L.
Manager - Application Architecture
WE Energies
"The instructor had a great knowledge base from which to draw upon. From this course I've gotten a deeper knowledge of JAVA and object concepts/implementations."
Andy Z.
WE Energies
"I liked the overall course content and the amount of time that was spent doing hands-on labs. The instructor had a great depth of knowledge for the materials covered. I appreciated learning how to work with Objects when using a relational database. I found the JDBC topic to be something that I can put to use immediately."
Karen T.
Sr. Information Consultant
WE Energies
"I appreciated learning the technology to connect and store objects to databases, and accessing a database from a java program to store and retrieve data. The instructor had a great understanding and knowledge of objects and databases. "
Logan K.
WE Energies
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