Object Discovery Corporation

References by Banks and Financial Services Companies

Chase Manhattan

"I actually understand this stuff now."
Mike C.
Lead Enterprise Architect
"I'm now equipped with skills to start OO Analysis. I have an understanding of how to think more clearly for object design."
Laura P.
Systems Analyst
"I was impressed by the ability of the instructor to convey the principles of OOAD and UML to myself and to others."
Doug W.
Lead Systems Analyst


"I have attended many training courses where either the instructor excelled in communications or in the knowledge of the subject matter. It's rare to find an individual who can convey abstraction in a useful and meaningful way, but Francis excelled in both! This course has given me just what I was looking for: a way to communicate the ideas of our domain specialists to the members of the development team."
Tim L.
Systems Analyst

Murphy Bank

"This course showed me the ease with which a business process can be broken down into a model. The instructor's wide experience, coupled with effective hands-on class exercises, allowed me to receive a much clearer understanding of how to express my company's business model. "
Michael M.
Information Systems

Green Tree Financial

"With OOAD/UML you can see how processes can be represented in a concise way using a fairly simple language. This will make me better at designing programs, modeling the requirements, and communicating with the user."
Shawn G.
Web Architect


"The instructor had the ability to convey the basic concepts of object technology, especially the analysis and design components, and the application of them to real business situations."
Michael P.

Nomura Securities International, Inc.

"I was impressed to have an instructor who actually uses the concepts in the "real world" as part of consultancy work. The course materials were very illustrative and I know they will be a good reference for me in the future."
Keith H.
Nomura Securities International, Inc.
"The instructor did an excellent job on his presentation and focusing the class on the most important aspects of OO A+D and Java. I was very impressed with the concepts and concept relationships in regards to defining the problem domain. The tools to define the concepts were very interesting to me with regards to the Java implementation."
Joanne L.
Nomura Securities International, Inc.
"The course flowed well and the coverage was very impressive. I received additional help for learning Java and I am definitely more comfortable with Java programming itself. I enjoyed the approach to object oriented design and architecting the system. It was a great benefit to have multiple cases covering different industries and really helped me understand the concept. The instructor was very fluent in the subject and had extensive knowledge of the subject. He showed great strength covering case studies and design objects. I know I have improved my design skills and am now able to identify the key aspects to OO design and can create effective models."
Rick K.
Nomura Securities International, Inc.
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