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References by Energy / Utilities Companies

Integrated Energy Solutions, Inc.

"I felt that the knowledge presented in this Business Process Reengineering course was very valuable and perfectly adapted to the complex organizational situations of our corporation. Even though I do not have an engineering background I found the modeling methodology easy to learn. I also felt that the case studies used during the course were great learning tools."
Pamela H.
Senior Business Analyst

Green Mountain Energy

"Our instructor was open to discussion and patient with students in the class. He impressed me with his class modeling, the information we were able to cover and the state modeling of our customer lifetime. I now feel I have a better understanding of the fundamentals of business process analysis, mapping and reengineering."
Robert E.
IT Operations
"The instructor had the ability to understand student's questions and provide answers and examples to help the students. After attending this class, I feel I have the ability to document a business process and organize it in such a way that it will be easily read and understood. I also feel I have a greater ability to view gaps once the process is documented."
Laura H.
IT Project Manager

WE Energies

"The instructor was extremely knowledgeable, and made the class fun with his humor! I enjoyed the division of course work between lectures and hands on activities. My overall rating of this course is excellent!"
Karen G.
Senior Information Consultant
WE Energies
"The instructor was an excellent communicator as well as an expert on the subject matter. I was impressed with the mix of concepts, real life examples and workability of exercises."
Tim L.
Manager - Application Architecture
WE Energies
"I found the lectures and explanations clear and thorough. Exercises were effective, and the real-life case studies were right on target. The course taught me a lot. Great training!"
Jim S.
Senior IT Consultant
WE Energies
"The instructor always made sure that everyone understood the concepts. All questions were answered clearly. I was also impressed with the diagrams used. Good presentation!"
Anne V.
IT CS Consultant
WE Energies
"This was a much more thorough and detailed explanation of analysis and design than I've EVER received in the past. The professor was very experienced, and was able to meet the needs of our diverse class. I really liked the examples illustrating the concepts!"
Holly S.
IT Applications Consultant
WE Energies
"Very impressive! I came into the course with a lot of apprehension about my ability to understand the subject. This turned out to be completely unfounded, as the professor was able to relate technical concepts with ease. The course materials were excellent, and the instructor showed a lot of 'real world' experience. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone else!"
Brian C.
WE Energies
"In this course I've been very impressed with the flexibility of the analysis model. I found the instructor skilled in communicating ideas in a fresh manner. The emphasis was put on looking at the problems top down, and not getting lost in details."
Bill R.
Senior IT Consultant
WE Energies
"The instructor's main strengths are his knowledge of modeling and concepts. He comes across as an expert in this field."
Logan K.
Information Consultant
WE Energies
"I was very impressed with how easy it was to grasp the concepts. The course layout was very good: very precise presentations. I especially liked the use of real life examples to show how the concepts work. I highly recommend this course to others!"
Carlos G.
CSS Information Consultant
WE Energies
"The instructor made the subject interesting and thought provoking through real business examples. Plus, examples were very well chosen. I would highly recommend this course to other people."
Shana S.
Functional Consultant
WE Energies
"I was impressed with the real life examples used by the instructor. The instructor walked us through the exercises and used examples that were well chosen and relevant. I rate this course as excellent !"
Mike B.
WE Energies
"The instructor had a solid understanding of OO concepts, depth and breadth of knowledge, and lots of experience. This course has greatly increased my interest in the subject matter."
Carl S.
Senior IT Applications Consultant
WE Energies
"This class has taught me how easy it is to use OOAD. I now feel I have a good understanding of it. The exercises were very effective and well thought out. Very well organized course."
Greg W.
Team Leader Applications
WE Energies
"The instructor had a great understanding of the subject matter. I feel I now understand modeling techniques."
Ken N.
Information Consultant
WE Energies
"The instructor had great knowledge of the subject. The presentation of the material was outstanding. Very well organized!"
Paul K.
Team Leader CSS Finance
WE Energies
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