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City Government, Sacramento

"The fact that I learned more than I expected and was able to tie my knowledge of OOAD together impressed me. The instructor's strengths are that he has had direct experience with everything he teaches and is able give a logical and immediate answer to every question. The course has enlightened me on what "true" BPR is able to accomplish — I initially had a more narrow understanding."
Terrie O., Director, BPR Unit
EDFUND City Gov. Sacramento
"The instructor's main strengths are his knowledge, experience, and depth of expertise. The knowledge and tools taught apply to virtually every business process I can imagine. It should enable one to model any process. The main benefit I am getting from this course is the ability to immediately apply the technical knowledge and tools."
Waldo B., Senior BPR Consultant
EDFUND City Gov. Sacramento

House of Commons, Canada

"I was impressed by the amount of good information that was given over a short period of time. The instructor showed great ability and experience to model any system as well as depth in modeling systems. He also had control of the audience and kept the course on track. I now have a deeper understanding of UML, the various modeling techniques, and the strategies to convert Object Design to Relational Design."
Leo R.
Senior Developer
House of Commons
"The instructor's ability to analyze and demonstrate a model, starting from anywhere, and testing all assertion was most impressive to me. I benefited from this course by improved ability to conceptualize and publish the model on paper. The fact that it can all be done without fancy software (i.e. pencil, paper and eraser) makes it something that can be explored in an Italian Bistro for a low price."
Leo B.
House of Commons
"The thing that impressed me most about this course was how close the UML modeling is to the object modeling. It is surprisingly easy to model a problem when you reduce it to its components. The instructor really knows what he is teaching and is very good in abstraction and modeling. I have gained a better understanding of what UML is and how to use it in a project and programming in general."
George-Florian B.
House of Commons
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