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"Francis Mossé's depth of knowledge impressed me. He challenges people in a way that helps them to begin to think/learn."
Sophie C.
Business Analyst
"The instructor was knowledgeable and had the ability to quickly grasp our specific business concepts."
Barbara S.
Product Manager

Health Systems Integration, Inc.

"I was most impressed with the ability of the instructors to understand what the students were really asking -- even when the student's questions were not clear."
Dave D.
"I was impressed with Mossé's knowledge, patience, and ability to deal with students at all levels of understanding. The [Object-Oriented Analysis and Design course] was well-paced and well-organized."
Karen F.
"I was impressed with how the instructor paced the class to fit the student's learning rate. [The Object-Oriented Analysis and Design course included] a thorough explanation of abstract concepts. The instructor reinforced these concepts with real examples."
Ron F.
"In the Object-Oriented Analysis and Design course, the instructor demonstrated a deep knowledge of the subject, combined with excellent interpersonal skills and a good class 'awareness' (i.e., pacing, relevance, etc.)"
Greg L.
"The material presented [by the instructor] was logical and made sense from the very beginning."
Janice R.

Swiss Re Life and Health

"I am impressed with the instructor's in-depth knowledge of the subjects taught and his experience in the field. We truly learn to understand what problems we may encounter"
Peggy C.


"I was very impressed with the amount of material covered in this class and the fact that the students understood it. The students were interested and enthusiastic for the entire 5 days of the class. The instructor was able to move the class through the object analysis and less emphasis seemed to be placed on the design. That was a very big strong point for the class. This class gave me the understanding that UML can be a communication tool for our business."
Mark C.
Sr. VP of IS
"This class gave me a solid understanding and base for beginning my adventure in the OO world. This impressed me. The instructor showed great strength and depth of knowledge on the content. I feel I was given a strong foundation to begin OO development."
Steve B.
Web App Developer
"The instructor had the ability to simplify the OO concepts and he worked a good pace for the students. His greatest strength was that he knew what he was talking about. I have a much better understanding of OO concepts now."
Kelly L.
Programmer Analyst
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