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"I'm surprised by my ability to understand and use the modeling language after only 5 days and a few exercises."
Sue H.
Business Systems Architect
"The UML Analysis ties together BPM and Object Modeling in a way that communicates both to the business and technical communities."
Heldi M.
Business Systems Analyst
"I learned to use tools that gave me the ability to distill a complex process to elementary/basic components, quickly."
Bruce S.
Business Consultant


"I was very impressed with the amount of data covered in a short period of time, yet giving sufficient detail. The instructor's knowledge of the topic and the material were his biggest strengths and I felt I walked away with a better understanding of modeling, which is used for the next steps (design)."
Barb D.
Project Manager
"The lab work exercises impressed me the most about this course. There was a good level of difficulty that covered all concepts. The instructor's knowledge of the material enabled him to quickly analyze and question student motives for answers. "
Chris L.
"I was very impressed with the instructor's approach to help everyone learn as easily as possible. Everyone in the class had a different knowledge base and the instructor was able to relate to each of them. The instructor had the ability to get through to people with varying experience. One of his greatest strengths was his laid back approach which I felt helped him relate to everyone. I walked away with a better understanding of EJB and a common way to organize code as well as an ability to understand the importance and relationships between design and implementation."
Bill D.
Programmer Analyst
"I left this course knowing the advantages of using a framework and an understanding of EJB architecture. The instructor was able to thoroughly answer questions and his knowledge of material was his strong point. The conciseness of material, presentation and the knowledge of instructor greatly impressed me."
Donna A.
Tech Consultant
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