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Andersen Windows

"I was impressed how the use of practical examples clarifies the OO concepts."
Bob C.
Software Engineer
"This makes so much sense. It's not just paperwork. The documents we learned to create actually show you your problems, and make it easier to solve them."
Connie C.
Process Engineer


"The knowledge gained during the course revealed the ease with which a complete picture can be drawn once the problem statement has been agreed upon, and how quickly the relational model falls out of this."
Charles B.
Lead Systems Analyst


"[Francis Mossé] handled many difficult questions in an exceptional manner... our group was extremely difficult to teach (several experienced people with strong convictions)... Francis somehow kept us from killing each other and allowed all of the comments to be received and considered."
Rick B.


"I'm impressed to see how UML fits the modeling of business concepts. The instructor makes all aspects easy to understand and provides a basis for applying the method. This course gives me the courage to continue; it shows me there is a method and process we can use that is standard to everyone at all levels."
Diane R.
BPR Manager
Greenheck, WI
"I was impressed with how OOAD makes the problem so much clearer and easier to solve. The instructor presents the marterial in a way that is easily understood. I will apply what I have learned immediately in my job as a Delphi Programmer analyst."
Lee Ann S.
Greenheck, WI
"The case examples and exercises were very helpful in learning OOAD. I was impressed with how this methodology takes projects that seen overwelming and makes them understandable. Francis used very good examples from his experiences. Also, he can monitor our pace and slows down or speeds up accordingly."
Melissa Z.
Greenheck, WI

Hutchinson Technologies

"I was very impressed by the instructor's expertise and ability to manage the sessions given the difference in knowledge and experience of students. His knowledge of OOAD in programming and real life situations really came through in the class. He had a great strength to convey his knowledge. I benefited greatly by developing the ability to utilize UML to develop models of OO Development."
Kevin P.
Senior System Analyst
"The instructor had a great understanding of OOAD concepts and he impressed me with his ability to relate them to us in real world terms so we could more easily understand. The instructor had a great presentation style and his experience in industry with OOAD solutions was the greatest strength of the class. The instructor was also very prepared which made the class stronger. I now have a better understanding of OOAD concepts to use to better analyze and resolve business system challenges which has benefited me greatly."
Dan B.
Sr. System Analyst / Technical Supervisor
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