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References by Software Engineering Companies


"The course structure and presentation was very good, and you felt comfortable in an environment where there was an openness to new ideas. After learning the concepts and how easy it really is, I feel I now have the tools available to me to tackle complex problems."
Scott P.
Support/Software Engineer

KSM Associates, Inc.

"The simplicity of the instruction, the power of the methodology, and the clarity of the instructor impressed me."
Savio L.
Project Manager


"The hands on experience impressed me as well as the learning that took place. It was then reinforced with examples. The instructor had the ability to discuss the topics in an understandable format thus I feel I have a better understanding of the concepts."
Arlene A.
"The complete step by step analysis of class diagrams, object diagram and UML cases was impressive. The instructor not only showed proficiency in subject matter but also delivered the class with enthusiasm while teaching. I walked away from this class with analysis tools and design as well as the ability to analyze any project."
Eddy M.
Technologist/Business Analyst

Xor, Inc.

"I was very impressed on how well organized the instructor is in the field of object oriented project design and analysis. His ability to include the class in all lessons and exercises was his biggest strength. Because of this class I feel I am now prepared to handle the design and analysis phases of projects."
Bret S.
Xor, Inc.
"The instructor has a thorough understanding of all material and excellent ability to ask questions that made us think. He answered all questions asked of him during class and did so in such a way that we never doubted his answers or had further confusion. The instructor clearly knows the material and was very prepared and had very useful class exercises. This was very impressive to me. The instructor's ability to create classes and objects diagrams and to be aware of other concepts such as patterns & frameworks was one his greatest strengths. I feel I walked away with a better preparation to start designing properly."
David T.
Software Developer
Xor, Inc.
"The instructor's knowledge and real life examples impressed me the most. He not only had a thorough understanding of subject but also excellent instructional delivery. I now feel I have a good basic understanding of OOA and OOD that can be immediately applied to current projects."
Kenn R.
Application Developer
Xor, Inc.
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