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References by Telecommunications Companies

Cincinnati Bell Information Systems

"I have attended many training courses where either the instructor excelled in communications or in the knowledge of the subject matter. It's rare to find an individual who can convey abstraction in a useful and meaningful way, but Francis excelled in both! This course has given me just what I was looking for: a way to communicate the ideas of our domain specialists to the members of the development team."
Tim L.
Systems Analyst

Integrated Network Solutions

"This was clearly the best training course that I've ever taken! The quality of the course materials and the pace at which it was presented was excellent; everything was covered and in a profound way. I can't say enough about the trainer - Francis is able to take information and turn it into real knowledge, which will be beneficial for both my company and our clients."
Tim M.
Project Analyst/Programmer

Telegroup, Inc.

"I found the Essentials of Object Modeling course valuable for two reasons: firstly it showed me a simple language which I can use to model complex systems in a clearer and more complete fashion; secondly the course made the Object-Oriented Programming Paradigm much clearer to me, and serves as an excellent aid to C++ development."
Rob H.
Software Engineer
"I felt the course environment was perfectly adapted to this two-day intensive program High-Tech Systems offered to us. The Essentials of Object Modeling gave me a quick start to greatly improve my OO skills, and created an increased interest in the technology. The sophisticated workshops brought me a much deeper understanding of the Object Modeling Principles. Now I feel ready to dive into advanced OO concepts."
"The Professional C++ course has turned out to be extremely useful in my career as a C++ programmer. I keep using the advanced C++ features I've mastered during the course; they are perfect to implement all my programming needs."
Peter J.
Senior Software Engineer
"The Essentials of Object Modeling is an important course for managers who are going to be working with developers. It provides a very clear common ground to analyze and understand the most important phases of software development which normally are the exclusive domain of developers. The course allows me to effectively participate in that crucial phase which is Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, since I now have the required Object Modeling skills."
Mario O.
Project Coordinator
"Object Modeling is something which should be used for all organizational tasks. It would be so short-sighted to think of it only as a Software Engineering tool."
David S.
Quality Assurance Engineer
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