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Testimonials for OOBPM Training

"In this course, I've been most impressed with case studies, exercises, the speed we were able to create artifacts that are based upon our own business domain. I've gotten an ability to create useful artifacts for a current large development initiative - with limited access to business users."
Seana B.
Senior System Analyst
American Student Assistance
"The instructor was very knowledgeable and helped break things down into parts that were easier to manage."
Jennifer S.
Principal Business Solutions Analyst
American Student Assistance
"I personally was more impressed with how OOAD fits in the BPM arena being exposed to OOAD as a developer. This course mainly revived my interest in the subject matter."
Said Y.
American Student Assistance
"The fact that I learned more than I expected and was able to tie my knowledge of OO Analysis with BPM together impressed me. The instructor's strengths are that he has had direct experience with everything he teaches and is able give a logical and immediate answer to every question. The course has enlightened me on what 'true' BPM is able to accomplish - I initially had a more narrow understanding."
Terrie O.
Director, BPR Unit
EDFUND City Gov. Sacramento
"The instructor had the ability to reference real world situations to answer students' questions. He could pick out a single slide (from a list of hundreds of powerpoint slides) to answer a quesion. I'd rate this course as excellent!"
Sam F.
Senior Programming Analyst
Lincoln Financial Group
"I was impressed with the thoroughness of only a one week course. The instructor managed to keep my attention by knowing the material so well. I now can 'think outside the box'' regarding Business Process Modeling. I wouldn't change a thing about this course - it was completely on target."
Trent J.
Information Consultant
WE Energies
"The instructor introduced concepts in a manner which made them easy to understand and apply. Everything was presented well and explained clearly. This course will help me tremendously in my job!"
Pamela S.
Systems Analyst
Banfield, The Pet Hospital
"I liked the instructor's ability to react to and answer questions in a rich manner. He obviously had a lot of knowledge of the subject."
Robert C.
Systems Analyst
Lincoln Financial Group
"I would rate the manual, exercises, and lectures as excellent! I thought the instructor imparted the knowledge successfully."
Randy K.
Senior Information Consultant
WE Energies
"The main benefits from the course is that the team emerges with a common vocabulary, a common understanding and belief that the impossible is now possible."
Stephen K.
Senior Analyst
Saskatchewan Government Insurance
"Thanks to this course I've been able to learn to move from a business process to a business concept basis."
Deb W.
Project Manager
Lincoln Financial Group
"I am impressed with the instructor's grasp of the material, his real-life applications, and his understanding of the obstacles that have to be overcome."
Dennis H. C.
Second Vice President
Swiss Re Life and Health
"I enjoyed learning how to use diagrams to analyze our business and help tell the story of what our business does. It was impressive to see how we can take a complex domain and break it down into its' smaller pieces."
Mike Freund
Business Systems Analyst
Lincoln Financial Group
"Class activities were simple yet illustrated the concepts quite well. The instructor explained concepts well and enforced proper use of them. This has laid a good groundwork for our future application development."
Chuck G.
Senior IT Application Consultant
WE Energies
"The instructor's main strengths are his knowledge, experience, and depth of expertise. The knowledge and tools taught apply to virtually every business process I can imagine. It should enable one to model any process. The main benefit I am getting from this course is the ability to immediately apply the technical knowledge and tools."
Waldo B.
Senior BPR Consultant
EDFUND City Gov. Sacramento.
"The flow of material was seamless. Finally! A new approach to Business Process definition. Very good course overall."
Jill L.
Project Manager
Lincoln Financial Group
"The instructor demonstrated the power of Object Oriented Concepts in a way which made it easy to learn. He explained everything with good detail and appropriate examples. I would recommend this course to other people!"
Vivek P.
Systems Analyst
Intelligent Information Systems
"The instructor was able to keep us interested in the subject matter even though we were not a technical group."
Liz N.
Business Analyst
WE Energies
"The instructor displayed real knowledge, with excellent examples applied to real situations with the benefits of a sense of humor."
Sheila R.
Senior Business Analyst
Lincoln Financial Group
"The instructor was very knowledgeable. He answered all our questions and challenged the class. I also thought the lecture to hands on practice ratio was very good. "
Dawn O.
Business Process Analyst
WE Energies
"I liked the class interaction and the pulling together of concepts with real life examples. The pace was good, and the instructor was knowledgeable."
Bruce B.
Web Project Manager
Lincoln Financial Group
"The exercises were very effective, and I thought the instructor successfully imparted the knowledge."
Bill S.
Business Process Analyst
WE Energies
"The instructor was able to relate the domain modeling and business process mapping with real world applications."
Tammy L.
Systems Analyst
Lincoln Financial Group
"The insturctor had strong presentation skills. There were lots of real world examples mixed with good humor! All the ideas were explained clearly."
Matt M.
Systems Analyst
Lincoln Financial Group
"I enjoyed the instructor's excitement about the subject matter, which he displayed throughout his presentations during the work. I would rate the course lectures as excellent!"
Wanda W.
Associate Director
Lincoln Financial Group

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Course Schedule and Location

  • Object-Oriented Business Process Modeling On-site training - We come to your company to train your employees.
  • Object-Oriented Business Process Modeling Public classes - You attend one of our courses offered in different cities.
  • Object-Oriented Business Process Modeling Distance Learning - Learn straight from our instructors without leaving your office or home.

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