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Course Outline for Object-Oriented Business Process Reengineering

Detailed Course Outline

Day Chapters & Strategies Topics
1 Introduction
  • Course contents - what to expect from the course
  • Course format - lectures and workshops, timing
1 Executive Summary
Basing the BPR Process on Object Technologies
  • Business process reengineering powered by object technologies
  • Introduction to object technologies
  • Key tools we use for OO BPR
1 Business Process Reengineering (BPR) Example-IBM
A Striking BPR Example
  • IBM credit issuance - original process
  • Formal business process map of the original process
  • Case trials and errors
  • Object model and reengineered process
  • Lessons learned
1 Business Process Reengineering Principles
Radical Changes Taking Place in the New Work World
  • Fundamental changes
  • Radical redesign
  • Focus on business processes
  • Dramatic performance improvements
  • Old rules versus new rules
  • Rethinking business processes
  • The new world of work
1 Object-Oriented Technology and Business Process Reengineering
A Human-Concept Based Technology
  • Why objects are so powerful
  • Why objects fit the business analyst's mind
  • Use Cases, Business Process Mapping and State Modeling
  • The OOBPR process using the Unified Modeling Language
1 Formal Business Process Mapping
A Modern Tool to Formally Model Sophisticated Business Processes
  • A tool to precisely describe real-life business processes.
  • Formal notation: processes/activities, flow, control, actors,
    concurrency, exceptions, alternate paths, prerequisites,
    branching, broadcasting, messaging...
  • BPM example: the Ford procurement process workshop
2 Use Case Analysis
Identifying and Specifying Main Actors and Their Interaction with the system
  • Notation overview
  • Formal notation syntax and semantics
  • Typical examples
  • Formal specification for interactions
  • Business case study
2 State Modeling
Modeling the Dynamics of a Business Process
  • Modeling Business rules and policies with states and their transitions
  • Syntax and examples
  • Individual and group design
2 The Automated Account Service
Modeling a sophisticated business process with State Modeling.
  • Requirements
  • States and transitions
  • Individual and group design
3 Business Concept Modeling
Identifying and Modeling Driving Concepts and their Relationships with Class and Object Diagrams (static modeling)
  • Introduction
  • Problem Statement
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Use Case Analysis
  • Identifying the main concepts from the above
  • Modeling business concepts with UML object modeling
  • Formal notation syntax and semantics
  • UML Classes, objects and their relationships
  • Inheritance, Aggregation, Associations
  • Associations Classes, Ternary Associations
  • Other UML features
  • Business Object Sequence and Collaboration
3 The Personal Accounting System (PAS) Case Study
Fundamental Features of UML Object Analysis
  • Overview of the case study
  • Use case analysis
  • Key concepts modeling
  • Overall PAS problem domain modeling
3 The Deal Model Case Study
Detailed Business Concept Analysis Exercise
  • Introduction
  • Use case analysis
  • Individual analysis
  • Team analysis, design, and presentations
4 Business Analysis Patterns (Advanced and Optional)
Advanced Problem Solving: applying typical solutions to typical problems by reusing powerful OO Patterns
  • OO Patterns to solve Business Concept Analysis
  • The Role Pattern
  • The Composite Pattern
  • The Configuration Pattern
  • The Person Index Pattern
  • The Scheduling Pattern
  • Understanding, creating and selecting OO Patterns
4 The Training Company Process
Applying OOBPR to a Complex Industrial Case
  • Original process
  • Original Business Process Map
  • Applying BPR principles to this case
  • Creating the key UML models
  • Reinventing the Business Process
  • Individual and group design
  • Solution walk-through
5 Corporate Case Study
Applying OOBPR to a Business Process at the Students' Corporation
  • Corporate case statement
  • Original business process map
  • Applying proper BPR Principles
  • Use Case Analysis
  • Business State Diagram
  • Business Concept Model (using class diagram)
  • Reengineered process
  • Conclusion

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Course Schedule and Location

  • Object-Oriented Business Process Reengineering On-site training - We come to your company to train your employees.
  • Object-Oriented Business Process Reengineering Public classes - You attend one of our courses offered in different cities.
  • Object-Oriented Business Process Reengineering Distance Learning - Learn straight from our instructors without leaving your office or home.

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