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Testimonials for Professional C++ Training

"The course taught me a simple way of not having my code interwoven, tangled, or a chaotic mess! Instead it comes out well organized, simple to write, understand and use. I have learned not only the correct syntax but also the mental tools that allow programming operations on a strategic level. This was hands down and thumbs up the best training course I've taken in my entire career!"
Justin Buczynski
Electronics Engineer
"The Professional C++ course has turned out to be extremely useful in my career as a C++ programmer. I keep using the advanced C++ features I've mastered during the course; they are perfect to implement all my programming needs."
Peter J.
Senior Software Engineer
Telegroup, Inc.
"I've been most impressed with the big picture: OO Analysis and Design implemented in C++. The instructor had the ability to concisely describe the material. Now I'm able to define the model accurately first, prior to implementing it in C++."
Bill D.
Software Engineer
Colorado Springs, CO.
"The amount of material covered in such a short time and the format of the labs with applications was quite impressive. The lab practice has really added great impact to the learning. The instructor was able to explain material in a simple manner and to build rapport with the students. I liked how he was open to all questions. I now have a glimpse into object oriented design and implementation including UML syntax."
Eric K.
Principal Engineer
"I'm impressed with the instructor's knowledge and ability toguide the student to the solution without giving it outright. He'sstrong in OO concepts and how to apply them in C++."
Les F.
Project Lead
Systems Technology Associates
"The instructor had a great ability to clearly present difficult concepts and keep the class focused on the course subject matter. I was very impressed with how the concepts were presented. The practical applications of these concepts were expertly demonstrated with the hands-on labs and exercises. I definitely have a better understanding of how to use OO Analysis and Design to implement C++."
Duy N.
Sr. Software Engineer
"The class was taught in the context of object-oriented analysis and design. This contrasts to other C++ classes I have observed which teach strictly syntax: not the object-oriented principles that make C++ a powerful tool. The instructor has expert knowledge in OOAD as well as C++. This class exposes my team to OO concepts as well as C++ syntax for our upcoming project(s)."
John T.
Team Leader
Trane Corporation
"The instructor's knowledge of the subject matter was impressive and he was always able to give us a good answer for the questions we asked no matter how deep they were. This class has taught me best practices of programming in C++."
Daniel J.
Software Engineer
Trane Corporation
"The planning that went into this course and the course layout impressed me. Things were presented in a suitable pace. Things were not too slow or too fast. The lab exercises were very good and the instructor had the ability to keep the course interesting to the entire class. I understand C++ and object design more completely now. This course has benefited me greatly."
Roy C.
Sr. Software Engineer
"The instructor has a strong grip on the subject. I liked the material and the course flow. The course improved my ability to think in the object-oriented way."
Deepika A.
Trane Corporation
"Practical mapping of UML designs to actual C++ code in this course was impressive. The instructor has a thorough knowledge of the material. I got a better understanding of the importance of modeling before writing code and filled in the gaps in my C++ understanding."
Jon D.
Trane Corporation

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Course Schedule and Location

  • Professional C++ On-site training - We come to your company to train your employees.
  • Professional C++ Public classes - You attend one of our courses offered in different cities.
  • Professional C++ Distance Learning - Learn straight from our instructors without leaving your office or home.

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