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Object-Oriented Analysis & Design and Programming in C#, Java, XML, C++, MFC and Visual Basic

After 28 years in compilers, networks and data modeling tools development, Ed Strassberger has devoted the last 7 years to programming languages training, writing courseware ( XML, C# .NET, OOAD/UML, RUP, C++, C, Java, VB) and a best-selling book about Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC).

Ed taught network programming and C / C++ programming languages while leading a network development team at Honeywell and Bull. He received numerous awards and a patent for his network and data modeling tools design and implementation innovations.

Ed has taught at Deitel & Associates, Sun, several corporate training companies, Fidelity Investments, General Dynamics, Goldman Sachs, Capital One, Open Market, Northrop Grumman and many other businesses.

Ed consults at Teletype GPS for Aviation navigation product development.

With Object Discovery, Ed teaches C#, XML, C++, Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC), Java, Visual Basic, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with the Unified Modeling Language (OOAD/UML) and various web development topics (HTML, JavaScript, J2EE, JSP, JFC, JDBC, ODBC, SQL). In addition, he provides consulting in all these disciplines.

Ed has a Bachelor's degree in Information Systems Management from the University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland and is an instrument-rated private pilot.

A Few Recent Testimonials

"I liked how Ed showed us the code behind the UML Diagrams. This is the first course that I have taken that has actually done this. Ed also gave us real-world examples of the Design Patterns shown."
Tony C.
"I've been most impressed with the depth of understanding that Ed has of Vtables and how objects look and work under the hood. Ed had excellent technical knowledge as well as patience with our digressions and questions."
Sharon G.
Software Manager
"I was impressed with Ed's knowledge and clear delivery. I've gotten a great overall view of UML technologies."
Chet S.
Director of Software Dev
"Ed had the ability to make abstract concepts seem logical, so that they rationally followed. He presented information clearly, with proper depth of examples."
Elena A.
Software Manager
"Ed had great knowledge of the material. I liked his presentation style: the material flowed smoothly from one topic to the next."
Mark D.
Software Engineer
"Ed had a great presentation style, giving a good layout and examples. Thanks for putting up with us!"
Richard J.
Software Lead Engineer
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