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UML Training

UML Training is for all phases of OO Software Development. A massive amount of software applications is constantly been built in the world to support various business models and offer critical services. But organizations feel greatly challenged; see a few examples on these videos.

Quick links to our training programs: See where UML Analysis fits within the overall software cycle and what you need to do to succeed. Note: set this video on high-resolution to properly view the diagrams.

Now we discuss the UML Analysis. See the criteria for successful Analysis that we cover in our UML Training course. Consider the multiple, surprising reasons why some people will actually “resist” UML Analysis or feel intimidated about it. Watch the three simple steps towards performing a successful, powerful Analysis and how it agrees with the three different ways our brain functions. Discover the five fundamental artifacts of OO Analysis, using the UML (Unified Modeling Language). Note: set this video on high-resolution to properly view the diagrams.

UML Training must be geared towards the most difficult Analysis problems as well. Watch a real story with the mysteries and drama we were exposed to at a customer’s site. Get a real insight on how to solve tough problems, no matter how challenging. See how rewarding it may be to crack a “hard case”, for you as an analyst as well as the organization you work for. There are no Domains that cannot be modeled using proper UML—a principle this video clip aims at illustrating.

Which course(s) should I take?

Business Analysts
  • If you perform the role of a Business Analyst you should take our UML Business Analysis training
  • If you already are familiar with OO Analysis and want to reach a very advanced level, enroll for the UML Domain Modeling training
Software Developers
  • If you have software development responsibilities take our Object-Oriented Analysis & Design using UML class (OOAD UML Training)
Business Process Analysts
  • If you are greatly involved with business processes then request the Business Process Modeling or Reengineering option which is available with any of the above courses or simply enroll for our Object-Oriented Business Process Modeling / Reengineering training (OO BPM / BPR)
CIOs, CTOs, IT Leaders, IT Managers

If unsure, you will find our quick OO Analysis Selection Table very convenient

Also, visit our UML Analysis page. It is packed with valuable information about OO Analysis using the Unified Modeling Language (UML). Read it to understand how far you can go with UML Analysis and how successful you can be. Avoid the common mistakes, apply the best practices, tackle the most challenging problem domains and simply succeed in your missions. If you commit to succeed, we will commit to teaching you the simple yet most powerful tools to get there.

If you use the proper tools and techniques we will give you, you will succeed. In 20 years of Analysis experience we have never seen a single subject matter that could not be analyzed and successfully modeled. If you know of one that you think cannot be modeled for any reasons (complexity, size, etc...), please contact us immediately! We’ll be very interested to hear that from you and give you advice—at no charge.

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