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C++ Training


This five-day Professional C++ Training takes you from the very beginning to an advanced level of C++ programming. You will experience a steady pace of learning and cover all the main C++ features in a very natural, progressive and effective way.

We simply decided not to produce "yet another C++ course". This C++ Training is the compilation of years of practicing and teaching C++. At the end of these five days you will be "fluent" with the language and ready to build real-life applications in C++.

The problem with common C++ training classes is that they focus a lot on the language syntax but not enough on how to use it. In this course you will go beyond the syntax and learn how to take full advantage of the object paradigm - the single reason why C++ was created.

You will see how concepts, the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and C++ code come together and in way that is both intuitive and rigorous. This is how you can build the most effective, flexible and robust C++ code.

You will also learn how to avoid the main C++ pitfalls. They are: poor object design, C-like C++ code (since C++ had to be C-compatible), memory leaks, and memory corruption.

C++ is a very powerful and versatile language. You can implement high-level abstractions while keeping the overhead strictly to its minimum. This is why it remains the language of choice for many applications that are computation intensive and performance sensitive, like Embedded Systems, hardware control software and math-intensive scientific or financial programs.

Because of that unique characteristic C++ requires some extra care that other object-oriented languages don't. The extra power you gain with C++ in terms of abstraction, performance and hardware control comes with additional responsibilities. A C++ programmer must be totally aware of those. In this class will learn what these responsibilities are and how to master all of them.

Many C++ programmers have wasted days (and sometimes nights) chasing around mysterious and untraceable memory corruption or memory leak bugs. And if you have been in the development arena you probably know that these incidents never happen when you have time to deal with them.

This C++ Training is loaded with multiple, simple techniques to avoid such problems. You will experience the real power of C++, but in a safe and professional way. This is what we call "Professional C++", powerful, efficient, safe and predictable. C++ is a remarkable language; you will be glad you can master it upon completion of this C++ Training. If you are serious about C++ and committed to master it, then this is your course.

Note: We offer two versions of this course; one for programmers who already know C (see C++ outline) and one for those who do not (see C / C++ outline).


This C++ course is designed so that you can master the language to a professional level. You will:
  • Become familiar with the syntax, semantic and all the main features of C++

  • Understand how to implement any concepts based upon UML design and proper programming strategies

  • Be aware of the C++ challenges and pitfalls and master the techniques to avoid them

  • Understand the main strategies and several Design Patterns to build the simplest, most flexible and reliable C++ code


Programmers and Analysts who want to specialize in C++ design and object-oriented C++ programming.


Some knowledge and experience in C (or basic C++).
Note: we also offer a C++ training course for non-C programmers here


"The instructor had a great ability to clearly present difficult concepts and keep the class focused on the course subject matter. I was very impressed with how the concepts were presented. The instructor was able to show the practical applications of those concepts with the hands on labs and exercises. I definitely have a better understanding of how to analyze and design using OOAD and UML and to implement C++."
Duy N.
Senior Software Engineer
"I've been most impressed with the big picture: OO Analysis and Design implemented in C++. The instructor has very good knowledge and ability to concisely describe the material. Now I'm able to define the model accurately first, prior to implementing it in C++."
Bill D.
Software Engineer
Colorado Springs, CO
"I'm impressed with the instructor's knowledge and ability to guide the student to the solution without giving it outright. He's strong in OO concepts and how to apply them in C++."
Les F.
Project Lead
Systems Technology Associates

Course Outline


We've structured this C++ training course as a succession of formal presentations, short labs or workshops, and code reviews. This way you will receive both theoretical understanding and hands-on experience. We carefully introduce the C++ features in a progressive way to make your learning experience quick, stimulating, enriching but not overwhelming.

Course Duration

Five days, 8:30 AM-4:15 PM; typically ends by 2:30 PM on Friday.


$2,600 / person. Group discounts available. Large discounts for On-site Training with 8 students or more.

Financial Aid

Get training funds from your state. see details

Course Details

Course Schedule and Location

  • Professional C++ On-site training - We come to your company to train your employees.
  • Professional C++ Public classes - You attend one of our courses offered in different cities.
  • Professional C++ Distance Learning - Learn straight from our instructors without leaving your office or home.

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