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Design Patterns Training

Our object-oriented design courses bring you the result of many years of professional experience in the field as well as in the classroom. You will gain deep knowledge and clear understanding of all the design layers (Abstraction, Concepts, Principles, Strategies, Patterns) and when and how to use them.

We offer three courses: OO Design and Patterns Fundamentals (OOD), Advanced Design Patterns (DP), and UML Systems Architecture (SysArch).
  • OOD covers the fundamentals of OO Analysis using the UML, the whole range of OO Design, as well as some of the most important Design Patterns. (This course offers less Analysis but more Design than OOAD)

  • DP is more advanced and presents (although not limited to) all the "Gang Of Four" (GOF) Design Patterns. It also offers a systematic way of selecting each Design Pattern based upon the problems to be solved. This course is a great stepping stone towards Systems and Applications Architecture as well.

  • SysArch is the most advanced and teaches how to model the architecture of entire systems using the Unified Modeling Language (UML).

OO Design and Patterns Fundamentals (OOD)

If you already have some experience in Object-Oriented Programming but feel the need to increase your Design capacity this course is for you. It will teach you important design principles and a few key design patterns that will lift your expertise to an advanced OO Design and Programming skill level. You will learn several key Design Patterns and be ready to discover many more on your own - like many of our students tell us. You will get a unique opportunity to apply all these OO Design techniques and Patterns in real-life problems that we bring from the field straight to your desk.

Advanced Design Patterns Training (DP)

If you already have developed object-oriented applications, used OO Design, even some Design Patterns but feel the need to better understand when to apply specific OO Design techniques and/or Design Patterns, then this training is for you. You will see Design Patterns in context; for most patterns you will be presented with a problem and how limited a solution that does not use the proper pattern could be. That's the context. Then the actual pattern is revealed and we analyze why it is an elegant and effective solution to the context. All our students get a chance to write targeted code within a Design Pattern lab and quickly integrate the knowledge.

UML Systems Architecture Training (SysArch)

If you already are familiar with UML Analysis as well as Design Patterns, then this training is for you. You will learn how to consider any system, understand its requirements, and build a solution that will meet all the objectives: conceptual, organizational, design, and physical. This is the point where you leverage all the other skills to build any type of systems: simple, stand alone, composite, distributed, or swarm-oriented. Our students are always surprised how far this curriculum pushes the boundaries, and prepares them for the real-life, architectural challenges they'll encounter at work.

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