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Vishvananda Ishaya (Vish) has more than nine years of professional development experience. His expertise is primarily in internet applications, especially dynamic, data driven e-businesses. He is also a talented low-level graphics and game programmer and is therefore familiar with a wide range of programming languages and styles.

Vish has founded multiple businesses, and his entrepreneurial background gives him a clear understanding of the communication challenges between business owners and technical employees. He has successfully taken projects through all the Object-Oriented Analysis, Design, and Implementation phases, and is familiar with the unique viewpoints needed for each of them.

In addition to teaching with Object Discovery, Vish has developed courseware in non-photorealistic rendering using Direct-X and GPU assembly language.

Vish is an experienced teacher and public speaker. Over the past fourteen years he has taught numerous technical and non-technical courses to more than 2000 students and lectured to large audiences in more than a dozen countries.

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