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Testimonials for Design Patterns Training (DP)

"The instructor's main strengths are the years of experience and ability to give real world examples of how the various patterns could be used in business applications."
Maurice McIver
Integrated Databases, Inc.
"The instructor's knowledge of the material and its application was very helpful. This course has enhanced my design skill."
Malachi Lawson
Software/ Systems Engineering Manager
Design Interactive
"The main benefit I'm getting from this course is awareness of design patterns before starting coding. It gets me to think at a higher level early on the game to handle issues upfront."
Vish Kakkar
Sr. Software Engineer
"I have taken several object oriented design courses before but have learned more here than I did in all of those. The instructor was able to present the material in a clear and concise way as well as to demonstrate depth of experience both in instruction and real life examples."
James Hope
Software Engineer
"In this course, I've been most impressed with learning domain modeling and applying design patterns to produce efficient and reusable code."
Ashishpal Pujji
Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne
"I appreciated the course content and the instructor's expertise in this area. He was able to simplify concepts with examples and connect them to practical examples."
Nagaraj Magadum
Senior Staff Contract Manufacturer Engineer
"I've been most impressed with how easily some design patterns could be implemented into every day problems."
Josh Anderton
"The impressing thing during the class was the way that all GoF patterns were taught throughout a comprehensive application. It makes it much easier to follow when we understand the domain we are operating within instead of having to constantly shift domains to demonstrate "what if" scenarios. Even when we posed seemingly difficult questions the instructor was able to answer them intelligently and logically. He did a great job making sure we understood the ins and outs of the subject matter."
Jason M.
Senior Software Engineer
"This is the best course that I've ever taken!"
Julie Huynh
Software Engineer
"I liked the way it flowed from the BCM to how to implement and then into more advanced patterns. It gave a good context to the whole thing as opposed to studying the patterns in isolations."
Bob Davidson
Tech Lead
AIG Travel Guard
"The knowledge of the instructor, the pace of the course, and the breadth of examples were impressive. He was personable, knowledgeable, and his materials presentation was thoughtful. He stressed the importance of design, the necessity of sticking to the process, and also specific patterns."
Matt Archer
Design Interactive
"The instructor's knowledge of the subject and his experience with working with differing software designs in the field were impressive. I also liked the overview of design concepts and business concept modeling that came on the first day. It put the individual design patterns into perspective as they related to different designs. I also loved the documentation."
Mike Wells
Software Engineer
"I enjoyed the hands on exercises in this course. Since it was a small class we were able to stray off the trail when there were additional items we had questions on. The instructor knew the patterns and their applications very well. I think his real world experience really helps when explaining the application of them outside of an academic environment. I intend to use what I learned here to enhance my analysis and design efforts and to facilitate re-factoring existing code."
Paul W.
Senior Engineer
"In this course I have learned to contain my code into models so what takes one day to explain can be done in a few minutes."
Siby Varghese
Software Engineer
"The instructor's knowledge of the subject matter and direct yet delicate style of instruction were impressive. The course format was very well designed and presented.The labs and exercises were very well prepared and effective - they really focused my effort on the subject matter with little overhead."
Kirk Ballard
Senior Software Engineer
Tele Atlas
"The course materials, examples, and labs were very detailed and illustrated the concepts being covered very clearly."
Tim Miller
Software Engineer
"This class has been the best overview of Design using UML that I have ever had. The explanations of the templates were clear and concise, and the instructional material was well organized."
Steven L. H.
Member of the Technical Staff
Sandia National Labs
"I've been most impressed with the labs - and the opportunity to get help when stuck. The instructor had thorough knowledge of the subject and was very patient."
Steve O.
Team Leader
WE Energies
"Not only was the course excellent, but your company was a pleasure to work with. You listened to our requirements and modified the curriculum to fit our needs in a very aggressive time frame. I would recommend your organization to others for their technology training."
Mike S.
Software Engineer
Fortna Inc.
"I found the instructor incredibly patient and very knowledgeable. We were able to cover every beginning concept in enough detail to give me enough understanding to now continue to move forward on my own with this subject."
Renee C.
Group Project Leader
CF Industries
"I was impressed with the flexibility of the program, and the full knowledge of the subject by the instructor. I enjoyed the his patience and his additional notes that connected the subject with the real world."
Donald H.
Systems Programmer
OSG Tap and Die Co.
"The instructor had a solid understanding of UML and Design Pattern concepts. The labs were very well tailored to demonstrating the Design Patterns. Now I'll be better able to design applications that are simpler, more elegant, and robust."
ichael G.
Software Engineer
Sandia National Labs
"I felt most impressed with... what I didn't know! In this class, I've learnt several useful structures and the way to think about them. The instructor exhibited knowledge, real-life experience and the ability to describe concepts very clearly."
Mike Y.
J2EE Senior Developer
Prudential Financial
"I was impressed with the quality of the materials, flexibility of the instructor, and the coverage of extra information as needed. This instructor really had experience with the subject matter."
John R.
Senior Software Engineer
Fortna Inc.
"I appreciated the instructor's knowledge of the material, willingness to answer questions, and his use of humor to keep things interesting! I would definitely recommend this course to others."
Holly S.
IT Applications Consultant
WE Energies
"The instructor's main strengths were his knowledge and real world experience. And he also had a great sense of humor!"
Carol D. S.
Software Engineer
Sandia National Labs
"I really enjoyed the class. It really concentrated on the areas that I was interested in. The instructor was very knowledgeable on the topic area. All answers were clearly presented with visual diagrams when appropriate. I am now better familiarized with the well-known Design Patterns and can relate them to my own professional experience."
Zena W.
Systems Manager
Prudential Financial
"Excellent overview of OO fundamentals and GoF design patterns. I enjoyed the instructor's friendly disposition and excellent knowledge of the subject."
Kevin K.
Application Architect
"The instructor had excellent command of course content, relevant examples, and discussion. We are understanding more and more about the benefits of OO and what expectations to have as we implement it here at WE Energies."
Tim L.
Application Architecture Manager
WE Energies
"The instructor had patience in dealing with people that came from different technical backgrounds. And he communicated his ideas quite effectively. I also thought the lecture materials were really good and well organized."
April S.
Software Engineer
Sandia National Labs
"I thoroughly enjoyed the class. The instructor's energy and passion for the material made the experience. I thought the discussions around various patterns was very clear. Plus, the examples and code were very helpful."
Chuck G.
Senior Software Engineer
Fortna Inc.
"I've been very impressed with the Design Patterns and the way they are implemented. The instructors have been just great."
Paul Y.
"I thought the course was very well thought out and put together. The concepts were communicated well, and I now have a good understanding of design patterns for objects."
Greg Edward M.
Sandia National Labs
"The instructor's strengths were presentation, knowledge of subject matter, and the ability to communicate this knowledge. I've been impressed with just about everything about this course!"
Dan R.
Debugger Guru
WE Energies
"I was impressed with the beauty of having a set of Patterns I can use as a tool box to solve design problems. I also thought the instructor was very knowledgeable on the subject."
Joshua B.
Application Develope
"I was impressed with the course material and the instructor's knowledge. He not only knew the material inside and out, but also had a passion for the subject and a passion for teaching it. In this course, I've gained the ability to design and implement good quality code and a good understanding of patterns to grow upon in my carreer."
Jerry M.
J2EE Lead Developer
Prudential Financial
"The instructor had a great ability in presenting complex material in an easy to understand method. He definitely had knowledge and experience in the subject matter."
Greg K.
Senior Software Engineer
Fortna Inc.
"The main benefit I'm getting from this Design Patterns training is knowing how to use patterns when they are required, as opposed to using them just for the sake of using patterns."
Seema J.
Software Technical Specialist
Prudential Financial
"The instructor had an excellent grasp of the subject matter. He had very good communication skills. I would rate the lectures as excellent."
Todd S.
Senior Information Consultant
WE Energies
"I was impressed with the knowledge of the instructors and the course content. The instructor conveyed the materials in a manner that allowed us to understand it. He definitely knew how to impart the knowledge."
Dennis C.
Project Manager
"The teaching of detail and presentation of the material really helped me with my design and domain modelling. The instructor's knowledge of the course and ability to communicate concepts were strong."
David Mui
Software/Systems Engineer
Design Interactive

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