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OO Design and Patterns Training (OOD)

Training Administration Domain Model
This is one of the many real-life Business UML Domain Models that are used in this course


The Object-Oriented Design & Patterns (OODP) course takes Java, C# or C++ programmers to an advanced level of expertise in object-oriented development. It first bridges the gap between fundamental OO programming and Design Patterns. Most programmers need to learn professional OO Design prior to tackling Design Patterns. This curriculum clearly addresses that need prior to covering the patterns.

In this course programmers learn how to design and implement domain models efficiently and correctly. It also teaches how to design key features such as object construction and association management. As a result students will be able to write more-reusable, extensible and maintainable code.

A brief review of the fundamentals of OO Analysis and object design will form the basis for progressive exploration of more advanced techniques. In-depth coverage of established Design Patterns and their application will allow creating more powerful solutions. All Object-Oriented Design solutions are introduced using the Unified Modeling Language (UML). However, no prior UML knowledge is required.

This is a hands-on programming course with many practical code examples and exercises. A comprehensive real-world project demonstrates how to implement the design strategies and patterns in a meaningful context. This course teaches how to recognize the need for a pattern in a complex business application and how to apply the correct pattern to fulfill that need. This whole course is structured around this practical reality. Click here for course outline.


This course teaches designers and developers of complex software systems how to produce object-oriented solutions in Java, C# or C++.


Students should be experienced Java, C# or C++ programmers. Knowledge of a particular API is not required.

Course Format

This is a hands-on course. We apply a powerful learning cycle of short lecture, examples and labs on each topic. Each student gets lab code, the entire course content printed out (organized in a ring binder) as well as laminated reference sheets, when applicable.

Course Duration

Five days, 8:30 AM-4:15 PM; typically ends by 2:30 PM on Friday.


$2,589 / person. Group discounts available. Large discounts for On-site Training with 8 students or more.

Financial Aid

Get training funds from your state. see details

Course Details

Course Schedule and Location

  • OO Design and Patterns On-site training - We come to your company to train your employees.
  • OO Design and Patterns Public classes - You attend one of our courses offered in different cities.
  • OO Design and Patterns Distance Learning - Learn straight from our instructors without leaving your office or home.

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