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You can reach us by:

  1. Sending an email message to:
  2. Filling out our On-site Training inquiry form.
  3. Calling us at: (641) 472 6050
  4. Clicking on the class date you'd like to attend from our Public Class Schedule below:
  5. OO Design & Patterns Training Public Class & Distant-Learning Schedule

    January February March April
    01/08/2018–Fairfield, IA 02/19/2018–Fairfield, IA 03/12/2018–Fairfield, IA 04/10/2017–Fairfield, IA
    May June July August
    05/08/2017–Fairfield, IA 06/12/2017–Fairfield, IA 07/10/2017–Fairfield, IA 08/14/2017–Fairfield, IA
    September October November December
    09/11/2017–Fairfield, IA 10/02/2017–Fairfield, IA 11/13/2017–Fairfield, IA 12/11/2017–Fairfield, IA
    For other disciplines, please see our overall Public Class & Distant-Learning Schedule.

  6. Writing to us at our headquarters:

    Object Discovery Corporation
    1852 Crystal Springs Lane, Suite B2
    Fairfield, Iowa, 52556

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