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UML Analysis Course Comparison

Course(s) to take based upon the role(s) that you perform

You Role(s) below Best Course(s) for you to Take
UML Business Analysis Domain Modeling OO BPM/BPR OOAD / UML
Business Analyst Best: start here Advanced Only if Business Process Centered 80% suitable
Software Developer 80% suitable For top Analysts 60% suitable Best

(Notice that if you perform both roles—as some people do—then you will need to attend a customized version of these courses or several of them. If so, contact us and we'll help define the best program for you or your team)

What our UML Analysis courses are made of

Main Topics (below) Our 4 Courses (below) and the main topics they Cover
UML Business Analysis Domain Modeling OO BPM/BPR OOAD / UML
OO Business Analysis
Understand the Business Stakeholders viewpoint and vision, the IT Experts viewpoint and needs and the five main artifacts that keep them in synchrony
Overview only
Business Vision Lab
Play the role of a Stakeholder for a couple of hours and express the Business Vision for a venture you dream to build or you know about
Business Concept Modeling (BCM)
Model the logical reality of a Business Domain to reveal all the concepts, abstractions, policies, and rules it is made of
Advanced Version
Advanced Business Concept Modeling
Take BCM to the limit and model any Business Domain that comes your way. Solve problems that are rarely solved in the Industry
OO Business Process Modeling / Reengineering
Discover the power BCM brings to Business Process Modeling and Reengineering. See how BPM/BPR projects can be solved within the fraction of the time people usually take. Learn the best Business Process Mapping techniques and syntax
Perform a real-life OO BPM / BPR case study and see for yourself how powerful that approach is
OO Design for Developers
See how to use the UML Analysis OO Principles for OO Design. Reuse the same principles. Learn additional OO Design topics. Discover the fundamentals of OO Design as well as a few Design Patterns.
Corporate Case Study (For on-site training)
Present the class with a problem to solve, a problem you care about in your own business. Then let your group solve it based on what they learned with us in class. √




  UML Business Analysis Domain Modeling OO BPM/BPR OOAD / UML

A checkmark means that a specific topic is part of the course.

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