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How We Differ From Other Training Companies

Our Specialty, Our Professional Success

This course has been our main specialty for the last 11 years. We provide a depth and breadth of knowledge that is very hard to find on the market. Our material exposes the art and science of analyzing any subject matter and modeling its corresponding Domain no matter how large, complex or challenging it might be. Though strong academically, this course is entirely based upon our personal experience and record of success. For the last 15 years or so we've been personally exposed to all kinds of problem domains and have solved them all. Please refer to our very extensive list of customers.

Skills-building teaching technique

We do not simply present knowledge. This whole class is about skills building. After each main lecture, we provide a very rich, interactive and animated series of exercises that are straight-to-the-point and comprehensive. Many people ask us whether we also provide lab solutions. Of course we do; however, we usually hand them out when students don't really need them anymore. Our technique consists in asking the course participants specific questions that make them think and move towards the solution by themselves – and they usually reach the goal! Our solutions handouts are just a confirmation of what that goal was. This technique ensures that when a chapter is over, the students own it. Based upon that we can move on to the next chapter. People usually need not review their notes in the evening; they've learned with us during the sessions and have successfully applied the knowledge. This is a very practical program. See what our students think about it. "Also, please review our very detailed course strategy. For instance, have a look at our detailed UML Business Analysis course outline, the OOAD UML outline, or even the Advanced UML Domain Modeling outline. These outlines will show you how we proceed to build up such skills."

Our Corporate Case Study

We're not preachers, we also perform. By the end of the week--usually the last day--we offer you the option to present the class with a problem to solve, a problem you care about in your own business. Then we invite you to see how the group solves it based on what they learned with us in class. This whole program is about success in real life situations. We want your group to experience it and feel entirely confident that they can apply the methodology in their own day-to-day work.

Our course delivery will also include:

  • Our detailed course manual
  • Two double-sided laminated reference sheets
  • All exercise solutions
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