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Testimonials for UML Analysis Training

UML Business Analysis Testimonials

"I now realize that Domain and Business Process Modeling are necessary for all organizations. I am impressed with how much knowledge I have gained from this course and how well structured and accessible the material is. The instructor masters modeling from the conceptual perspective as well as the implementation perspective and is always willing to answer all questions raised."
Luis Amadeo
Chief Software Architect
Ultimate Software Group, Inc.
"The instructor was able to provide all details of the course, while allowing ample time for students to absorb the information, and accomplishing it within the schedule. I will be able to apply the knowledge I've gained immediately to my role and responsibilities in requirements analysis, and will be able to communicate with developers more effectively. I am amazed at how interesting the course was and how helpful I expect it to be."
Mickey Palmer
Requirements Analyst
General Dynamics Information Technology
"The instructor was well focused, interactive, smart, highly experienced and never boring."
Najeeb Najeeb
M.S. in Computer Science Student
Maharishi University of Management
"This course has given me the ability to condense a large amount of information into one manageable and reader-friendly format. I now have the tools to not only speak a universal language between all our departments, but also the ability to take one concept and apply it to many processes. It is impossible not to get excited about what this knowledge can do for our company!"
Sara K.
Business Analyst
Lincoln Financial Group

OOAD UML Training Testimonials

"The instructor gave excellent presentation, kept up the pace for everybody and was able to grasp and answer questions in very clear manner."
Chandrika Nagalingam
Sr. J2EE Consultant
"The exercises were extremely helpful in understanding the different patterns. I can apply the newly acquired skills right away. Taking the class remotely was extremely useful. The instructor expressed very good communication skills. Explanations were always very direct and clear. The class was perfect."
Leyla P.
Senior Software Engineer
"The instructor was an excellent communicator as well as an expert on the subject matter. I was impressed with the mix of concepts, real life examples and workability of exercises."
Tim L.
Manager - Application Architecture
WE Energies

OO BPM / BPR Testimonials

"In this course, I've been most impressed with case studies, exercises, the speed we were able to create artifacts that are based upon our own business domain. I've gotten an ability to create useful artifacts for a current large development initiative - with limited access to business users."
Seana B.
Senior System Analyst
American Student Assistance
"The instructor was very knowledgeable and helped break things down into parts that were easier to manage."
Jennifer S.
Principal Business Solutions Analyst
American Student Assistance
"I personally was more impressed with how OOAD fits in the BPM arena being exposed to OOAD as a developer. This course mainly revived my interest in the subject matter."
Said Y.
American Student Assistance

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